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The UKABIF Film Award 2019, sponsored by Cygnet Health Care, will acknowledge, recognise and reward a short film, of no more than three minutes duration, that raises awareness of the benefits of neurorehabilitation following an Acquired Brain Injury. 

It can focus on neurorehabilitation in hospital, and/or in the community, and/or in school, and/or in prison or in connection with sport. UKABIF is encouraging entries from individuals with a brain injury, their families or carers, students, the general public, care providers and voluntary organisations, as well the rehabilitation multidisciplinary team, doctors in primary and secondary care, case managers, personal injury lawyers and social care workers. The UKABIF Film Award is open to UKABIF members and non-members in the UK.

The winner will receive £500. The deadline for entries is 1 February 2020.  The winner will be announced no later than 11 March 2020.

Film content
All aspects of Acquired Brain Injury are relevant.  An Acquired Brain Injury is defined as:

Any injury to the brain which has occurred following birth e.g. Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), such as those caused by trauma from road traffic accidents, falls, and assaults or non-TBI, related to illness or medical conditions such as encephalitis, stroke, brain tumours and hypoxia.

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The winners of the United Kingdom Acquired Brain Injury Forum (UKABIF) Film Award 2018, sponsored by Elysium Neurological, were announced at the UKABIF 10th Annual and 20th Anniversary Conference which took place in November 2018. Awards were presented by Professor Nick Alderman of Elysium Neurological.

Kathryn Cann on behalf of County Durham and Darlington NHS Foundation Trust

Kathryn’s film introduces some of the many different professionals represented on the Bishop Auckland Stroke Unit.

Jeremiah Humphreys-Piercy for Commuter

Jeremiah from Norwich illustrates the journey experienced by an individual with a brain injury by creatively using the train analogy.

Anne Johnston for Not just a bump to the head: the fall that changed my life

Anne from Forfar, Angus had a fall in the snow that resulted in post-concussion syndrome. The film shows how a fall can change your life in an instant.

Lauren Nicholas (on behalf of London’s Royal Hospital for Neuro-Disability) for when you have a brain injury

A group of individuals at the Royal Hospital for Neuro-Disability who have all had a serious brain injury share their experiences of how their lives have changed by using imagery, painting words and composing music. Mark, a patient at the RHNN narrates the video.

Winners of the 2017 Film Award

Winners of the 2017 Film Award

First Place

Edinburgh Headway Group for Nothing Short of a Lifeline

This film sheds light on how lives and futures can be altered in an instant as a result of a brain injury. We know that brain injury can affect personalities as well as a person’s cognitive and physical abilities. But what is clear is that the experiences of those affected are unique and with the right help and support at the right time there can be life after a brain injury. These are the words of Edinburgh Headway Group members telling their stories.

Runner Up

Joel Morrison for I Speak

When Joel Morrison emerged from a coma 9 years ago he had completely lost the ability to speak. He had to learn to sound letters again from scratch. His moving film interweaves dance and therapy to explore poetically his journey back to language.

Runner Up

Jimmy Stevens for Jimmy’s Movie

This film shows the impact of brain injury on the life of a young boy, and the difficulties of coming to terms with a new ‘normal’. Jimmy tells us how different his life has become since his ABI, how he is rising to new challenges and how he is determined to adjust to ‘beat his brain injury.’ Despite his determination the film focuses on what an uphill struggle the last two and a half years have been.

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