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UKABIF Film Award 2018 Now Open For Entries

The UKABIF Film Award 2018, sponsored by Elysium Neurological, is now open for entries from everyone that has an interest, or experience, in Acquired Brain Injury (ABI).

This year’s UKABIF Film Award will acknowledge, recognise and reward a short film, of no more than 30 seconds duration that enhances the understanding of ABI.  UKABIF is inviting submissions that mirror its key priorities that are being discussed by the All Party Parliamentary Group on ABI i.e. neurorehabilitation in hospital and/or in the community, or about brain injury in the context of school, prison or sport.

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Chris Bryant, MP raises question about rehabilitation services for people with brain injury at Prime Minister’s Questions

The Chair of the All Party Group for Acquired Brain Injury, Chris Bryant, MP urged the Prime Minister to bring together leaders across health, social care, work and pensions, defence and justice to ensure that people with acquired brain injury receive the rehabilitation they need at Prime Ministers Questions today (21st February 2018). Mr Bryant stated that whilst the Major Trauma Plan was saving hundred of lives each year those people were not being given the best chance due to lack of rehabilitation services. He stated that half of the Major Trauma Centres do not have a Consultant in Rehabilitation Medicine. The Prime Minister , Theresa May, recognised the importance of the question raised and referred to the Health Minister, Jeremy Hunt.

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All Party Parliamentary Group for Acquired Brain Injury hold first roundtable meeting

At the end of last year, UKABIF helped launch an All Party Parliamentary Group for Acquired Brain Injury, along with Chris Bryant MP who will serve as chair.

Members include five vice-chairs: Carolyn Harris, Chris Evans, Paul Flynn, Stephen Hammond, and Kevin Baron; the treasurer is Lord Ramsbotham.

We have set this APPG up to raise awareness of ABI and seek improvements in support and services for people directly affected by ABI and also their families and carers, to provide a voice for those who are not always heard by Ministers and MPs, and to be the main forum for ABI in Parliament, raising key issues across health, social care and welfare which all affect people living with ABI in the UK.

On Tuesday 30th January 2018, the APPG held its first roundtable meeting entitled:

Acquired Brain Injury – the cost to individuals and society and some solutions: Neurorehabilitation Services and the role of the Rehabilitation Prescription

The meeting took the format of a select committee meeting, whereby experts present evidence on an issue, and parliamentarians follow up with topic-related questions. Eventually a report will be made based on the meetings findings.

Professor Mike Barnes opened the meeting with an introduction to acquired brain injury. He explained the current landscape around neurorehabilitation, and how services are failing the increasing number of ABI survivors. Professor Lynne Turner-Stokes then elaborated on this, presenting the meeting with evidence demonstrating the huge importance of neurorehabilitation in the achieving the best recovery possible after suffering an acquired brain injury.

Hannah Farrell, a physiotherapist in neuro-traumatology later addressed the issue of the Rehabilitation Prescription. This is a simple sheet that clinicians are supposed to fill in outlining the rehabilitation needs of an ABI survivor (or any patient who has suffered trauma). It is supposed to be given to the patient, their GP and their family/carer; currently it is not. Hannah explained to the meeting how vital this is in ensuring an individual receiver proper and appropriate treatment along the whole care pathway following ABI.

Finally James Piercy, and ABI survivor, gave a presentation showing the lasting impact and acquired brain injury can have on an individual, and again, emphasising the importance of neurorehabilitation in a good recovery.

We felt the meeting was a great success, and we are currently in the process of analysing the information that will go into our up-coming report on the issue

All Party Parliamentary Group for Acquired Brain Injury Launch Meeting

The first All Party Parliamentary Group for Acquired Brain Injury Launch Meeting took place on the 28th November and was well attended by MPs, peers and the brain injury community.

After a warm welcome from the APPG Chair Chris Bryant MP important discussions took place on topics including an overview of Acquired Brain Injury and rehabilitation services (Presentation from Professor Diane Playford), rehabilitation for economic growth (Presentation from Colonel John Etherington), and the global impact of TBI (Presentation from Professor David Menon)

Full details on each talk can be found below.

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Traumatic brain injury: integrated approaches to improve prevention, clinical care, and research

The Lancet Neurology has just published a special issue on Traumatic Brain Injury, which opens by suggesting that the global issue of traumatic brain injury needs to be addressed.

Co-authored by Cambridge University’s Prof. David Menon the issue was launched at the EU Parliament.  This is the most authoritative recent overview of TBI – and has a range of recommendations that need to be followed up on I policy terms).

 see: http://www.thelancet.com/journals/laneur/onlineFirst

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NIHR Brain Injury HTC becomes a MedTech Co-operative

The NIHR Brain Injury Healthcare Technology Co-operative has been awarded core funding of £1.25 million to continue its work to drive medtech innovation for patients after an acquired brain injury for a further 5 years (2018-2023) under the new banner of a Medtech Co-operative. The Co-operative has expertise in eleven clinical theme areas – with professional leadership as shown below – reflecting the patient pathway from initial ictus to final outcome and reintegration into the community.

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UKABIF Awards 2017

UKABIF Awards aims to highlight the work of innovative and inspiration individuals working in the sector. The awards have three categories – Lawyer of the Year, Clinician of the Year and the Stephen McAleese Award for Inspiration.  Its very easy to make a nomination – you just need to complete the form and return it to UKABIF by 10th October 2017.  Make someone’s day and nominate them today!

The Brain Injury Rehabilitation Trust wins Grant Award from the Ministry of Justice

The Brain Injury Rehabilitation Trust (BIRT) have been awarded a grant of over £200,000 by the Ministry of Justice as a result of a successful tender submission. This is being undertaken by BIRT’s Forensic In-reach Brain Injury Service.

The bid was in response to a tender invitation by the Ministry of Justice “To pilot, develop and test to provide proof of concept for understanding and meeting the needs of individuals with Acquired Brain Injury (ABI) or Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) in English and Welsh male prisons and Welsh approved premises”.

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UKABIF welcomes enquiries from the media. We are able to provide information about all aspects of acquired brain injury as well as experts in the field to talk about topical issues. Please call 0845 6080788 or 07903887655.